This Black Friday deals the Jabra 65t Elite earbuds down to just $100

Jabra’s 65t line of wireless earbuds are excellent alternatives to all the AirPods, Pixel Buds, and Galaxy Buds put forth by the big hardware manufacturers. With good sounds, a decent fit, and up to 15 hours of use, the Jabra 65t Elite are solid entry-level truly wireless earbuds. Even better, you can get a pair of Jabra Elite 65t buds for $100 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While they lack the hardware/software integration of something like AirPods, the Jabra Elite 65t are still a good choice for wireless earbuds, especially if you want to save some money. In fact, our own Luke Filipowicz called them “nearly flawless wireless earbuds” in his review. They sound great, are nice and small, and will stay in the ears of most people.

The Jabra Elite 65t feature integration with a smartphone app, Jabra Sound+. With this app, you can control different aspects of your Elite 65t, such as the equalizer or the audio transparency feature, which lets you hear the outside world while your earbuds are still sitting in your ears. You can also use the built-in button to control various aspects of the buds, rather than relying on the app.

If you want some great-sounding wireless earbuds to pair with your phone, check these out now before the deal is gone.

Black Friday!