Apple reportedly already showing AirPods Pro to media ahead of launch

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly showing AirPods Pro to the media already.
  • AirPods Pro are believed to be Apple’s in-ear earbuds.
  • A launch is already rumored to be imminent.

If true, a release can’t be far away.

The last couple of weeks have been littered with rumors of a refreshed AirPods release. Dubbed AirPods Pro, the new earbuds are believed to be of an in-ear design with new noise cancellation abilities built in. And according to Ben Geskin, some members of the media have already seen them.

Geskin is often reliable when it comes to information like this, but that doesn’t mean that an unhealthy dose of salt should be applied here. We’re sharing what we’re being told and it’s up to you to make a determination on whether you think it’s accurate. We’ll get to my personal thoughts later.

Getting back to it, Geskin took to Twitter to say that AirPods Pro will be shown to members of the media at Apple’s “local offices” over the next couple of days. He later followed that up by saying that media located in Shanghai, China, have already been given their first look at the earbuds.

Given the absence of an October media event it makes plenty of sense that Apple would go for a more low key announcement here. Inviting members of the media to see products before they are announced is nothing new, and it’s possible some people have been seeded with review earbuds, too.

That of course is assuming you put faith in Geskin’s latest report. I’m inclined to believe that we’re hearing too much about AirPods Pro for there to be nothing in it. But maybbe I’m just already smitten with the idea of Midnight Green AirPods Pro!