Best Cooling Pads for Mac Mini in 2019

After a few years without any updates, the Mac Mini has finally received some much-needed love. Apple’s tiniest Mac has become somewhat of a niche product quite a few power users who need a lot of power in a small package use. If you tend to push your Mac Mini to the edge on a regular basis, then you might be thinking of taking some extra precautions to prevent it from overheating, such as a cooling pad. If that’s you, we’ve compiled some of the best we could find for you to check out.

Sense the cool

Thermaltake Massive TM

Staff favorite

If you need a cooling pad that can do all the things, this is one you should take a look at. For starters, it has a temperature gauge on it that can tell you exactly how hot your Mac Mini is running to let you know if you need to cool it down. If you’re in the middle of some heavy processing and need a burst of cool, there’s a turbo boost that can provide some extra cooling in a pinch, and it looks kinda cool to boot. It’s a little pricey but it’s not too bad.

From $33 at Amazon

Master of cool

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

Cooler Master has a long history of making quality computer accessories at generally affordable prices. Most of my articles are typed on one of their keyboards so I have full faith in this cooling pad. It’s thin so it doesn’t take up much room on your desk and it has some good cable management build in. Plus it’s powered by a pass-through USB cable so you don’t lose any ports. Best of all, it’s affordable.

$20 at Amazon

Keep it slim

Havit HV-F2056

Havit does a great job of keeping this guy pretty low profile so it should blend in nicely with your desk. It can even double as a hub for your Mac Mini if you need some extra ports. If you are running two mini’s in your workstation, this pad is big enough that you should be able to fit both of them on there for double duty.

$25 at Amazon

All the cools

TeckNet Silent Cooling Pad

If you need intense cooling, this guy has 5 fans with adjustable wind speeds that will keep your Mac Mini cool as ice. Best of all they run quiet so you don’t have to worry about turning up your volume to drown them out. There’s not much more value you can get for the money.

$23 at Amazon

The alternative

Tinpec Mac Mini Aluminum Stand

Since these cooling pads are designed mostly for laptops, you may not quite have room on your desk to accommodate one of these. If so, a viable alternative to a cooling pad might be a vertical stand like this one. This will allow for greater airflow to your Mac Mini keeping it cool under pressure. The seller has verified it will work with the new 2018 Mac Mini as well so you’re good to do.

$19 at Amazon

Cool your jets

The Mac Mini is probably the most underrated computer around and definitely the most underrated Mac. It’s a workhorse and most recently, folks have been using them to handle larger and larger workloads so it makes sense that you would want to find ways to keep it cool. The Thermaltake Massive TM will let you keep track of the heat in your machine so you always know precisely how hard to work your Mac, but there’s a lot of other great options on this list.

For a slim option that comes from a company that has a record of quality, there is the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim. This is a great option whether you are gaming for hours or working on your computer for hours. The most important thing is that it will allow you to operate your computer completely worry-free for as much time as you need. All of these products are our top picks and will cover a wide range of different needs. Choose whichever suits you best and stay cool.