Amazon Prime Video disappears from iOS App Store and Apple TV

Users who have the app installed can still use it currently…

What you need to know

  • Amazon Prime Video has dissapeared from iOS.
  • Users across Twitter are reporting the app is no longer available.
  • Users who still have the app installed are currently able to use it.

Reports across Twitter suggest that Amazon Prime Video for iOS is no longer avaiable. Several users reported that they are no longer able to use the Video app on iOS. The error message states that the app has been removed from the App Store by the developer.

Indeed when searching for the app, Prime Video no longer appears in the top results.

Having not updated either my phone or TV, both apps remain on my iPhone and Apple TV and seem to be fully functional. As of just now, it seems that anyone who has the app already installed should still be able to use it.

This story is developing.